what track bike

what bike, im lookng at a blade but i thinking 600 might be better for the track.


Buy mine???:smiley:

1999 srad 750. ohlins rear, K-tech sorted k3 1000 front end. owned from new. plug plug plug.:smiley:

How about an ex-Karl Harris bike? Gabs posted it…


has it been binned, how much?

The reason it’s a track bike is because Rockingham claimed it. Was a road bike up until then but do have about 90% of parts to put it back on the road.:slight_smile:

Don’t know what the selling price should be, will have to ask Gav at MSG Racing.:slight_smile:



Which corner? :smiley:

Piff paff. was following a marshall, wondering why he was going so slow. Went for the overtake round the outside when he shut off and drifted wide. I of course had to shut off as had no where to go, this is when the front decided it couldn’t cope any more and deposited me on the tarmac. Would have been an easy low side until it decided to dig in the grass and destroy itself.:crazy:

find out how much and let me know, as have just been offered an 03 with 11,000 mile on it in good nick with 12 months tax and mot so i could use it as a winter hack this year aswell.

Price comes out at £1650.00 ovno:D

PM sent