What to look for in a 50cc motorcross bike?

A friend has a budget of £300 for a 50cc crosser. What do you guy suggest to get, and what’s good about that particular model?

Preferably simple to maintain, with/without gears not a problem.

unfortunatly i think your friend is gonna be looking at chinese import territory, unless you get lucky on ebay:)

are you talking adult size and road legal?? or child size off road??

Thank you for your posts.

He wants something off road. I pointed him to a couple of kids sized ones but he said they’re “a bit small”… :doze:

I have a gut feeling that he wants something “full” sized so he could ride too, besides what I thought was oringinally for his little brother.

I have no idea about 2 strokes or crossers. So if you guys can help, that’d be great. But I’m sure he’ll survive without a bike… for now.