what to do with a few days

well if you don’t mind long days then you could try the trip I recently did with a friend.
day 1
catch the 08.30 ferry Dover to Calais and ride up through France and Belgium, past Lille Bruges and Luxembourg to the Metz/ Nancy area, pretty good weather until 50 or so Km this side of Luxy when the rain set in :frowning: then we found that Metz and Nancy are not places to try your luck on weekdays, all the hotels were booked up :w00t: well just as well I had a back up plan ! we got to a Formula1 hotel by 20.30 and managed to get a meal in a local restaurant phew!
bikes in the rain while the hotel hunt was on!

day 2
started wet although mostly spray rather than raining, we made good time through France to the Vosages mountains where we stopped off for coffee at a bikers hotel we knew from the last time we ran through this area. being a bit more canny than before I checked they had vacancies over the weekend :wink: then refreshed off on the bikes again!at the Swiss border it all went pete tong when my friend Steve decided we could do without the Vignette and not use the motorways… bad move! we buggered around for a couple of hours trying to use back roads only to find that most of the routes became motorway for some of their run :w00t: sod it! onto the motorway and look innocent (not something a Harley with straight through pipes is suited to:P eventually we arrived at our destination, Hotel Oberland Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland, if you haven’t been then go it really is a spectacular glacial valley, with over 70 waterfalls some over a 1000ft in height!
the high street

the view from my bedroom

day 3
started with torrential rain :w00t: however the forecast was for the weather to clear up as the morning went on, so a long and leisurely breakfast was in order :smiley: and true enough, when we started off the rain ha stopped

within a half hour the roads were dry and the sky clearing, so we headed off alongside the lakes at Interlaken heading for the Susten pass, with time for a couple of piccies on the way.

after a lovely ride in the sun, we dropped down into the Susten Valley and headed towards the pass

and what a road! definitely one for the list of “must do roads” lots (and I do mean lots!) of curves steep drop offs and fantastic views!

cut short by “road blocked by snow” signs and a closed snow gate!

well what is a biker supposed to do? I don’t know, but we went and did it all again :smiley: another 35Km of winding roads, all it needed was this sound track
from Switzerland it was just a gentle bimble along to the Vosages and the Hotel Cul du Bussang run by a very friendly Dutch couple, with an outstanding music collection and a love of strange headgear :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark rocking to AC-DC

was a grey overcast day but dry, the forecast was not so clever so as it was only 560 miles or so to home, we decide to make a run for home and get some extra brownie points by getting home a day early :smiley: not much to say about this part of the journey, other than we got to fill up a few times :slight_smile:

4 days 1600 odd miles not epic, but a lot of fun!

Looks great, join us for our long weekend on the Black Sea.:slight_smile:

Looks like a great trip, loved the photo’s along with the story.
So where next?