What to do, what to do???

Now, I have a bit of spare cash in my paypal account and I need help with what to do with it :cool:

Do I buy a second hand Berik one piece sui

Or do I wait and buy a 2 piece Rev’It suit that hasn’t been released yet?

I have been drooling over the Rev’It stuff for yonks now but I’m thinking I could save a couple of hundred quid and go with the Berik suit…

HELP :crazy:

Don`t waste and send it over to my paypal account.:smiley:

I knew I was gonna get some humorous comments…I should have started a sweepstake on who and the time hahaha

Well are you giving it to me or what.:stuck_out_tongue:

Id rather wipe my ar*e with a thorn bush

How much is the 2nd hand berik suit??

He wants £260 + postage

Right, once my gout has calmed down and i can get about again i`ll thind a thorn bush and hand it to you and watch you do that.:smiley:

Hey, I’m a kinky guy…I’ll charge you and be warned, I have expensive tastes

Im supplying the bush so its going to be that expensive.

Can I add a pint of Guiness Red too

A pint of Ale would be better.

go with the new one youve wanted for yonks you will regret it if you dont mate

Wow a sensible answer…thanks…

Although the other option is to get the one piece now and then the 2 piece later on in the year! Bearing in mind I haven’t seen the Rev’It set in the flesh either

see its at the excel show mate they might know whens its released fella

Who will have it at the Excel?


Which one??



I bought a Berik 2 piece leathers last year for £200 - same as new RST leathers I bought the year before in a sale.

I like 'em, if you can afford both, get both.

The Berik leathers have a disclaimer re: Euro saftey rating, however they are better made than my RST leathers that did meet UK standard.

Go figure!

IMO - he want’s to much for the berik suit - we’ve got New berik suits @ £499 up £200 would be about right!!

That Rev it suit looks horrid - and a one piece would be better for track use - more flexability, but everyday riding the two piece is better (especially for toilet breaks!!