What to buy on a budget?

So… I’m thinking of getting something different. I have a budget of around 2k and I’m confused by the choices.

I’ve always ridden things like my Hornet, CBR600F, Bandit, etc. I’d like to stay with something similar.

I’m confused about mileage and age. I’ve looked at older bikes with low(ish) mileage and in some cases they can be a bit ‘rotten’, just on the age. Newer bikes with high mileage often have wrecked suspension and brakes.

I won’t have huge sums of money to spend on doing it up if I go near my 2k budget, but if I get something slightly cheaper, I can put some money into fixing / upgrading bits.

I don’t have a garage to work in, so I would need something I can get someone else to do difficult / time consuming bits in.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ignore the mileage and go on condition and history

i didnt read your post right so ive removed my reply. :smiley:

You could buy me for 2K?


Hmmm… Something like this appeals:


It’s 9 years old, but it only has 6000 miles on the clock - what should I be looking at with a bike like this ?

What gurninman said.

Modern bikes are good for 100K+ if looked after and sooner have a high mileage bike with a good history than an old, low mileage bike with no history.

That stated, the one in the ad. you posted looks a minter, but it still needs a good history.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

dare i suggest you join the V twin massive? SV…? :smiley:

I’m seriously considering them too - but there don’t seem to be a huge number on the market in good condition at the moment.

Having said that, I’m in no rush, so I’m happy to wait :smiley:

You won’t regret buying a thundercat! and you’ll have a theme tune running around your head whenever you ride it.


for 2k you can get a nice CBR600FY if you shop around, lots of bike for the money.

But if your in the city loads an SV makes sense.

Tip: consider buying from way outside of london.

Isn’t there an SV for sale on this website for about £1200 2000 reg with only 11,000 miles on the clock.

Seems that would suit you down to the ground.

Spot on fella.


ooo - ta for that link!

For 2k you could get a nice condition ZX6R (G1,G2, J1, J2), So thats around 98-2002,

Engines are solid, keeps up with new 600’s, maybee more fun than the CBR

Well, the decision is made. I have a 2004 Honda CBR sitting on my drive way. It’s a cat d insurance claim, but most of the original damage has been repaired and it rides really well. Got it for a really good rate, and I’m chuffed as chuffed can be.

nice! let see some pics then! :wink:

Only once it’s clean :smiley:

There appears to be an amount of leakage from one of the rubber hoses that comes down (I think) from the tank, so I need to get that sorted and get some general cleaning done - THEN I’ll post pics :wink:

CiBbeRs are good bikes, the 600 are versatile, did you get an F or an RR?

SV’s are better tho:D

yamaha fzs1000 fazer. very good bikes and now from 2k…