What tips for turn in the road on bike test...

ok… my brother has his test soon… wont tell me dates but he’s asked me for tips in doing the u turn, i’ve always used the focus on a point and try and “bring it round” but he cant do it, i cant show him on mine because the turning circle is poo…

You have it right.

Go forwards smoothly, start the turn, keep revs high, slip clutch and LOOK where you want to go. Rear brake to control speed if necessary. Straight forward.

Choice of bike will make the biggest difference. Head up and look where you want the bike to end up is what i use.

Aim for the curb

DON’T look at the curb as you go round because if you do, that’ll be where you end up. Look back down the road in the direction you want to end up pointing. Hold onto the tank with your knees, don’t just let your right knee drop as if you’re trying to get it on the road, that won’t help you turn at all.

If your own bike has a pants turning circle, just find a wider road to do it in so you can show him. Or go to a nearby supermarket carpark and have a go in there.

And practice, practice, practice. I’m off out later this afternoon to do just that, probably in Tesco’s carpark so I don’t annoy the people who live in wide roads around here.

Ditto above, look where you want to end up. Keep off the front brake - don’t even cover it. I tend to keep the back brake on all the way around and raise the revs so it pushes against the brake. Just a little bit, but it means I’m in control and the engine is ‘busy’ - the rotating mass of the engine helps balance apparently.

you should also lean the opposite way to the direction the bike leans. It’s like rolling your hips to push the bike down and you stay upright. Most people will wobble (I was told) and fall because they leave their weight central as the bike tips - fine at 40mph but disastrous at 4mph.

Go with him to a car park, and walk beside the bike on the inside so you can catch it if he wobbles. Then practice.

Oh and remember to use the life saver!

Pull away smoothly into second ASAP and stay in second???

You sure? I wouldn’t want to do a U-turn in second gear.

First gear.

Carry out your observations - shoulder/lifesaver check

When clear behind and INFRONT!, start to move the bike forward, at no more than walking pace.

When bike is balanced with good revs, clutch slipping (but still pulling) and speed held down with rear brake - look ahead, then over your shoulder, check for traffic again and if clear, start your turn.

As you turn look down the centre line of the road and bring the bike round slowly.

NEVER look at the kerb.

When the turn is complete and you are now parrallel with the kerb, manouver the bike to the side of the road and bring it to a halt with your left foot on the kerb.

Into Neutral. Job done!

Now sit and wait for the examiner and go Whoo Hoo quietly under your helmet.

Sorry Weaver i was still trying to work out how you lot got lost and manage to get to the second cafe that was closed as well

do what i do… prey to the U-Turn Angels !!!

Don’t fall off!

Sorry, was that too obvious

As I found out in my test your legs can windmill as much as you like, and as long as they don’t touch the road you’ll pass!

I found it best to focus on where you’re going and get your handlebars around as much as possible straight away. You can always open out the turn, but trying to tighten it will make you fall off (with leg trapped underneath and in such hysterics you can’t move :blush.

keep doing it again and again till its not an issue . I found it much harder to do it from a standing start rather than to turn while moving but try both see what suits best. stay relaxed its easy.

I could not consitantly do a U turn until I was given a very simple tip. Bend the left elbow.

This forces you to lean to the outside, helping keep the bike stable. I did not do this on my first test, but was told just before my 2nd test and went through with flying colours!

Bend the left elbow ???

If it’s a right hand U turn… - my point about rolling the hips made very simple by Marc. Cheers!

Weaver Wrote: Sorry also I think advising someone to look “Down” is not a good idea. Unless you meant “along”. Even now I still find that when turning, looking slightly up helps you stay up!

I wrote:

Look down the centre line of the road.

not, look down at the centre line of the road.

Anyway, why isn’t this blokes instructor teaching him how to do the U-Turn?