What time is the newbie meet up?

As the title suggests what time is the newbie meet upon monday?

usually some one there from 6.0 clock, down the far end by the stage.

Oldie, what time you are planning to be there?

really old “oldie” don’t know yet, depends where I am on Monday. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t answer the question to be honest.


So who’s up for it?

Usual ace meet up thread, add names to the list :laugh:

Are you riding there Rob?

I’m a maybe based on getting out of work at a decent hour.

I get myself some transport this month don’t worry Ollie :wink: and thank you for offer :wink:


wont be there this month, to much going on this week.

^^^ pffff

I should be in attendance, as I’m off tomorrow :smiley:

Hoping to be there by 7pm. :slight_smile:

Sorry can’t make this one (again). Busy packing stuff for trip up North to see family tomorrow, for a funeral. :frowning:

Arfa sorry to hear that :frowning:

I’ll probably pop in to Ace around 6.30-7

If I can get back to London at a reasonable time I’ll be heading up. Depends on what time I leave West Sussex area.

What sort of time are people there until? am meeting a few people at 7.30 & possibily coming to ace for like 9… abit late?

Some are often there til closing time, so yes - come along :slight_smile:

Perfect! C u all later!

Was going to pop down, but Pin has offered to take me out to supper.
Now that’s an offer I can not refuse.
Maybe next time.

Really sorry - got drawn into an internal meeting as I was leaving, only just got out and so going to have to pass tonight. :crying: