what the tube map really looks like

Google maps have added tube lines… so if you were wondering what the tube map really looks like have a look!

you can see this by clicking on ‘More…’ and then ticking ‘Transit’

looks cool - but I still would avoid the tube like the plague!! :smiley:

they have also added more roads on streetview now

Me thinks SOMEONE would rather be outside today…:cool:

impressive! :slight_smile:

doubt its very accurate?
theres shed loads of entry points to the sytem its self, old tunnels etc…the doors are all alarmed tho…now an again someone figures out a way in tho:D

have they kato? wicked my KD behind the google car might be up now then!?:wink:

where was that? the famous roundabout?

urgh, looks a bit too gloomy for kd there actually

nah was somewhere near erm readign way or summit, was out with judgejools and others one day, we stopped at a petrol station and it had a pukka roundabout next to it…well tyres were still warm…be rude not to have!:smiley:

If you find it make sure you post it, would be funny to see… Ratty46 immortalised on google…:smiley:

The Google map car was in front of us on a rideout once through Henley, we didn’t realise what it was til later otherwise we could have made some gestures:) Mind you we were certainly not KDing at the time like Ratty:D