What the f*ck is this shit?


Bought a new haynes manual today, it’s bloody paperback!


That’s the Janet and John version for early readers


I found that when I bought a Haynes manual for the bmw. Apparently they don’t make them in hardback anymore.


I love how you censored fuck but not shit


Not bought a Haynes for about 8 years or more and they have all been hardbacks except the one for Juniors CG125, purchased in 2000. Looking at Mr Haynes inter webby site seems as if they all be paperbacks now, unless yu opt for the online annual subscription, and none of that is doing anything to keep their prices down, probably because the later manuals are in colour.


I’m surprised anyone still buys them for bikes when it’s possible to find & download for free a copy of the factory service manual for pretty much any bike made in the last 40 years.

OK, maybe easier for newbies to follow, but Mian’s been at this for a while.


I like having a physical copy of books rather than on a screen.


That’s what work printers are for. :sunglasses:


I used to do that in my old job (who didn’t notice) but I work for a charity now.


Tell them charity starts at home