What tank pads are you guys using?

Hi guys,
Searching around the forum it seems the posts about tank pads are quite old (and quite a few of them are about getting them off). So I was wondering what tank pads people are using and where they are getting them from?

I’ve had a look around the TechSpec ones look cool. I also remember hearing that the transparent 3M ones were good although I haven’t been able to find them online or in the shops that I’ve been to. Does anybody know where I can get them?

Btw…i’ve got a Street Triple if that makes a difference.


That’s where I bought mine from. I got the snakeskin. Alot of people agree the snakeskin is better overall…

I’ve got Tech Spec, I was going to get Stomp grips but Elad recommended them and I did some research and they had some good write ups. They are great. On my bike they look OEM where as stomp grips usually don’t. My bike is black though so that helps. Some people advised that Stomp Grips damaged their leathers. The tech spec are smoother so I haven’t noticed that they have damaged my leathers. I’ve had great experience with them.

As an aside if you are reading this and thinking of fitting tank grips, stop thinking and just order them. They make a huge difference and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them earlier.

Thanks guys. I’m do like the Tech Spec tank pads. But can you guys tell me does the Techspec Gripster Tank Pads come with the centre and side pads? Or is it just a centre tank pad?

Depends on the kit. They are bike specific. Give the people at the link above an email and they’ll advise you. They were very on the ball when I contacted them. The gear arrived in about 2 days.

Motografix tank pads look the bee’s knee’s…you do kinda have to like the style, might not be your cup of tea but give them a look, they are very good quality.