What Spark Plugs...?

would you reccomend to get the most performance out of yer engine?

normal NGK Plugs

NGK Irridium

Spitfire plugs

or some other plugs?

I used NGK Iridium sparks on my VFR and the bike did run smoother with them in. Changed from standard NGK plugs that were in there before.

Best plugs i ever found for 2 strokes were called Lodge. They had 3 electrodes and no matter how hard you tried they would never oil up.

You know what i mean 2Strokes;):cool:

You can still get 3 electrode plugs, the marketing says they last longer but platinum plugs are supposed to last even long than those now. I’d guess the lack of oiling up was more due to the heat range, maybe the Lodge plugs ran the center electrode hotter than others ?

The physics supporting the 0.4mm diameter iridium electrode plugs is sound but not sure you’d ever tell the difference unless you’re running very rich or at very high rpm. I’ve put a set into my 750 but they were left over from the busa when it was n/a, didn’t buy them specifically.

All i know is that instead of riding round with a pocketfull of old plugs I could forget where my plug spanner was for once:D

Are iridium plugs the top of the heap, or are platinum plugs supposed to be better?

Many makers websites run on about iridium plugs, and say very little about platinum.

Iridium are supposed to offer similar length of service to platinum but with a sharper more intense spark. Platinum plugs were introduced into cars to increase their life.

In the busa engine the top end was definately slightly improved with iridium plugs but I’m not convinced it was the material that made the difference, I replaced some old plugs with the iridium, so just new plugs on their own could have made the difference.

My honda wants to start on one cylinder after a couple days in the garage. If some one had asked me if it could run on 1 out 2 cylinders, I’d have said “No Way”. So I guess I’ll go with iridium plugs (NGK DR8EIX). Thanks for the info.

if u giving it some try the splitfires

u may have to drop the idle a bit

and clean regular