What 'soft' Supermoto?

Currently running a Yamaha XT660X which I’m looking to change this year… quite possibly for another supermoto, but I quite fancy something a bit different just for a change.

I like the Yamaha but it’s not the best looking thing in the world. Also like the Suzuki DRZ400SM and Honda FMX650, but both are getting pretty long in the tooth these days.

What other decent middleweight (400-650cc) supermotos should I look at. Not wanting a hardcore, unreliable, peaky beast, as it’s usually used for a daily commute. Problem is that outwith the XT, DRZ, and FMX, I’m not too familiar with the supermoto scene and what would be a good all-rounder for the daily grind.

Any suggestions? :cool:

I would not discount the FMX , I had one… Once the totally essential and I can not stress the essential part enough of taking the standard exhaust and winging it into a hedge to be replaced by a full front to back arrow system and a proper flat slide carb fitted… all of a sudden transforms a wheezy horrible heap of crap into a supermoto that will wheelie and nonsense with the best of em . And they look pretty good to once you get rid of the honda graphics .


DRZ :wink: I have one few mods really open it up and is bullet proof as hell

Come and have a look at my DRZ SM if you like and see if we can do a deal. PM me and can meet up one weekend.

DRZ… you can also swap the wheels for going into the mud quite easily :slight_smile:

Not that direct swap as the brake disc diameter is different so need more than just the wheels!!

Or you can do what I did and get off-road wheels which have the same size brake disc, meaning it really is just a simple swap-over :slight_smile:

all you need is E spec discs, 220mm Rear and front is 270mm (if i remember correctly).

I have a more or less BRAKING wavy disc for the e up for grabs. Very easy swap over.

That’ll be the gash looking ‘Funmoto’ graphic then :wink: I looked at a nice one black one a year or two back at a main dealer, but it was leaking oil and they struggled to sort it. Then they punted the full Arrow system from it & stuck the crap original back on, dropped the price from £2800 to £2500 but I didn’t bother pursuing it. FMX’s are a bit of a rarity these days and £2999 seems to be the dealer norm for them… bikes that are now 7-8 years old selling for a grand less than they could be had new for :angry: Silly money!

DRZs seem to be advertised for silly money these days as well. Not that they’re selling though! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s got me back to thinking newish if sellers of 7-8 years old bikes are expecting to sell them for £1k less than they cost new. Used market is pretty screwed up at the moment. That KTM looks very nice though. Seen them around but are they reliable for the daily grind? Need to upgrade my security for one of those!


Very good engine that LC4. You can go around the world on KTM690SMC :wink:

One going cheap at the moment; http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/bikes-bits-sale/489322-ktm-690-smc.html