What religion/belief do you follow?

Just out of a matter of interest, I was wondering if the religions and beliefs of our little fraternity here were as diverse as the City we take our name from? :slight_smile:
London has communities from pretty much every religion in the world, but what is the makeup of our community?

I’ll kickstart the proceedings by saying that I am an Atheist, but I was raised as a Roman-Catholic. :slight_smile:

i am a child of the knights of the KD table…

i was raised a in KD’ism…i pray to the corner gods…and to the sun godds…and to the michelin man:D:D

other than that im Atheist when its raining:D

Now this bugs me…why do we have to be anything? i don’t class myself as anything don’t follow any rules or religon so i guess i’m just plain ol ignorant lol:D

Agree with Wasp there.

I don’t mean to cause offense! I was just curious… :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be anything, that’s what the “Other” option is for.

this is pointless, who gives a flying fvck?

Wolfie, Master of the English Language, says it all. :kiss:

couldnt of put it better myself


Wasn’t Christened or anything, but when I was filling out my RAF application forms my Dad told me to put CofE so I wouldn’t get harassed by the ‘god squad’ on the Unit. :smiley:
My Mum and Aunt, out of curiosity, decided to work out what I would come under…and worked out the closest thing to me was Pagan! :w00t:

Don’t worry about it Nath…you aint offended me you’d have to beat me and nick all my toys to p*ss me off;)

I was brought up a christian and was forced to go to church and Sunday school but i now hate religion and think it`s a load of old b*llocks.
My mrs is Jewish and she feels the same as me.

Nothing, was the only one in my family not to be christened and don’t know jack about religion really. I’d class myself as part atheist, part agnostic. Why part? Well, I never feel compelled to talk about it whereas atheist usually do and are usually the starters of this kind of topics. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s normally known as ‘agnostic’, in my experience.

Or perhaps apathetic.

Very true! :P:P

Don’t see why i have to be anything…i aint aetheist or agnostic…just don’t beleive in f*cking religion simple.

Can we please stop knocking down religion. Any religion is good.
Still by far the best way to con people out of their life saving (well we also had timeshare for a while but that dried out a bit now)…
Best reason to start a war (that is always good to reduce unemployment and sell lots and lots of weapon)…
Also great to justify killing the boyfriend of the sister/cousin you secretly wanted to shag yourself…
There are many good use to a religious believe. So people, stop messing about. Pick one, be passionate about it and be ready to do anything so that your truth prevail as the only truth out there.

NB: Jews and Muslim seems to had it right about the not shagging pigs thingy so Christian, short of the one true god… you got very little left to stand on and if I were you, might wanna consider seriously starting to eradicate those two minor religious sects of heretic before they take over!!!

You have to be something even when that something is “none of the above”. As a society, for whatever reason, we like giving things names.

If that’s through a lack of interest, that’s being apathetic.
If that’s through an interest but a lack of certainty, that’s agnosticism.

Neither are religions, organised or otherwise, and neither suggest anything other than you just not belonging to a religion for one reason or the other.

Almost like the difference between being Vegetarian, Vegan or a mighty, steak eatin’ SOB… :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an atheist, problem is God hates me for it. :slight_smile: