What member....

Who is the member who spotted that dodgy lock up and informing the police led to some stolen bikes being recovered? Anyone know?

Wasn’t that Barro?

no not the one I’m thinbking of…this is more SE London based I think


i know the one ya on about mate…ahhh jesus…OOoooooooo…its umm…

was’nt gixxer rocker was it pat?..


think it was gsxr rocker

Pm sent to you Macp

Sorted now thank-you guys!

What award is he getting at the LB awards ceremony then mac??

old on pepes, ow do we know that mac does not want to bash said person up cos the bikes were recovered and he lost his stash, lol.

Oh yeah, in some garages that got broke into 5 bikes were found, unfortunately they were push bikes, lol.

same place is kept eye on cos was been used for dodgy stuff.

It’s gone a bit quiet l8tly, prob cos they known was been watched, which aint such a bad thing cos if they got no where to stash maybe some1s bike didnt get nicked that night.

sorry for grassing you up GR!!!