What law have I broken


Got stopped today on the Sidcup bypass and got a right telling off.

I’ll hold my hands up and say yes I was a tad over the speed limit, and yes it was the same officer that had warned me before.

He was most annoyed with me though because I was up on the pegs whilst going a little over the limit but I’m still not sure what law I’m breaking by standing up whilst rolling along.

Anyone else know what I’m doing wrong ?

He might have considered that you were not in proper control of your vehicle… don’t think it would have got too far at court though…

Pi$$ing him off by the sound of it:D

Driving without due care and attention perhaps

hmmm if im approachin a hill ill get up on pegs to make sure i can see over the otherside a bit sooner

Normally stand up for at least hal a mile :smiley:

u was on 2 wheels n not the back wheel lol

I guess your probably right :smiley:

Bugger rides an F650 GS himself, probably pished off they didn’t give him a proper bike :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I was thinking, OK 75 in a 50 is naughty but can’t quite see how they could add the standing up whilst doing it on a bike that’s designed to be ridden that way

it ********

I think they go for the not being in full control but as has been said it’s because he’s had to tell you twice…unlucky :slight_smile:

Yup, that’ll be “not in full control”.

They did one of the great trials riders for that a “few” years back. Despite bringing his Scottish Six Day awards and medal and some newsreel footage to court, he was still found guilty.

Conclusion? The law is an ass.

Mind you, he was just done for “full control”, not being 50% over the posted limit.

i would think there are a few offences being committed there. i am sure the northener will be along soon to give us the codes.

Can’t work out if you actually got stuck on for anything.If you got away with a good bollocking for doing 75 in a 50,I would call that a result:D

So you get let off with a warning twice, the second time for doing 50% over the speed limit and your complaining?!?! :crazy: :hehe:

When and where was that then? My recent experience of traffic court has been that Magistrates are unwilling to convict unless they’ve been summonsed for an open & shut case. I was recently (2 days before my off) at a court in the Kent/London border area which is used as an overflow court for traffic matters. The person I had reported had got sick of sitting in the traffic on New Years Eve 07/08 and had pulled out of a line of traffic, gone the wrong side of a keep left bollard, through a red light on the wrong side of the road and turned left. I reported him for the red light, the keep left bollard and without due care. When it got to court the CPS decided to only go with without due care as the other offences were a duplication. The defendant agreed entirely with my version of events, but claimed he had done it safely because the lights were obviously stuck. I had said in my evidence that I had checked the lights, they were working, but there was a long red phase for the direction he had come from to assist the traffic on the main road he had turned into. He was found not guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaing in the slightest. To get away with a bollocking is much better than points.

Apart from the obvious offence (speeding) I was just wondering what I could be charged with for standing up whilst riding.

Looking back at the thread I didn’t word my original post too well.

Not for the first time, I think we lead parallel lives.


rideing a bmw:D