what is your opinion on supermoto riders

Yeah, string those mofo’s up too, the lot of’em!:Whistling:


That is hilarious. Did the same thing on a BMX at the Southbank… Damn things have got no brakes.

Gettin overtaken and cut up by those friggin doorstop duck a frightfully scary! they waddle like mad things:blush:

that is my going out mask but there is my usual sunday high beach mask

The masks are not the real concern, its all the other S&M adorments that you insist on bring on The Breakfast Club Rides that scare me. I’ve never seen anyone do that with a custard filled Haddock skin before!:blink::blush::sick:

is that why your not out this sunday:D

This thread got me thinking about a girl I met from this forum about 18mths ago at the Ace Cafe. I had just picked up an old Ducati from the seller, this girl and I chatted for a bit. All was going swimmingly until I mentioned that my passion was SM (Moto’s) and that was what I normally rode. The girls response was not positive about SM riders at all. Her impression was basically that SM riders are antisocial lunatics!

This is obviously to do with how riding your SM makes you feel/ride as opposed to the way you ride other bikes Dhofty. Did someone mention the initiation ceremony for joining the SM fraternity – Lobotomy

well having been on a ‘breakfast’ run, i can vouch that SM riders are loons!!

infact one has already tried to kidnap me and turn to the dark side…aprrently its my ‘destiny’…:w00t::D…

i do like them and i would love one, but they are just a lil bit single minded! maybe have one as a second…oops…third bike…:wink:


think teh leathers need a clean george!

BTW when is teh next run!

tis true how they make you ride & its not that i’m out to be a bit of an a.s.b.o but it always happens:D

i think i’ll order these for all your disciples george:cool:

**ratty46 infact one has already tried to kidnap me and turn to the dark side…aprrently its my ‘destiny’…:w00t::D…quote]

do it m8 get a moto:) you know it makes sense dont’cha

Sorry m8, I the only Gay in the village…I mean black man on the ride! Unless that clutchless wonder with the Berg is coming back for more!:cool:

Dont be daft. I’d have to clean The Riot then, better to let my lid catch up!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, hey, hey! Dont you be try’na pour that sh1t off on to me!:exclamation:


i see your spelling has improved now tugs.

up yours knocker:)

i frightfully love motards i think there brilliant. not to sure bout the ktm690 though had a test ride on one and it felt lame compared to me m8s crf450sm.

indeed i notice the change in riding style and aggression aswell.

i was close to buying a ktm last year but me licence and my head said NO now i`m pottering about on a poxy gilera runner200(slow as ars£holes). cant wait till the warmer weather comes then i can get the gixer out to play with:D

If I try and compare my R6 with my Husky the R6 loses out every time. Sure it was fast but it just wasnt fun.Riding 2 miles on the SM is fun, riding 200 miles is fun ( in a strange manic eyed ha ha ha way:pinch:), 200 miles = 4 stops for petrol and a very numb bum:D