What is going on with MotoGP.com

Right, I signed up for the package so I could watch Quali and Warm Ups in all the classes and then ruddy DORNA redesigned the site.

Can anyone else who uses this online service tell me where I have to go now to find the MotoGP Qualification session… All I can find is interviews with riders, and three videos of Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Dovisioso crashing in QP…

Why do these morons do these upgrades if they don’t improve anything…

PS - Big up Londonbikers for always keeping the site user friendly.

completely agree. The old site was excellent in terms of the video section. Now i can’t understand the flaming thing and finding what you actually want to watch is a nightmare. It also seems that there is only highlights of qually and not the whole thing. Please tell me if you find it tho as i want to watch it too :frowning:

new site design and their email newsletters are rubbish
shame :doze: