what is everyone up to?

So what is everyone up to on this wet yukky evening! I’m bored! :hehe:

I’m at work. But looking on the bright side i’ve only got 11 hours to go.:crying:

Aww Digger hug

What do you do? At least you got us lot to keep you company!

I finished work at 8, back in 2mo at 8am though!

Hi, I work for one of our esteemed emergency services!

AND i had to use the car tonight,:angry:

I’ve been to the pub. :smiley:

Alright for some!

Actually you just reminded me, there is a bottle of Bailey’s in the Kitchen :w00t: hic

been shopping then dancing for three hours…got too many kids here at the moment so will be keeping an eye on them till they go then bed,…

Working, but just bumped into Tiggi and crew in Leicester Square. :smiley:

Did you hide! :wink:

I actually left the guy I was looking after with the other bodyguard, just to go see who was out in the square!.. :w00t:

He didn’t even realize I was gone! :stuck_out_tongue:

RR that is terrible! :smiley:

Anyways, off to bed now catch some of those ZZZZ’s! Goodnight all! :cool:

having Bayleis and playing lbreakdown2


been up to ace tonite, first time in 3 weeks i been out, feels really odd to go up there with no bike tho:D

blazing the lemon and playin TT now…:wink:

trying to pick somehwere to go on holiday next year, drooling over some bikes on autotrader and trying to find out more about a new part time job i wanna get!

Just got in from work…

Havin’ a beer… :smiley:

Just in from the Ace/Leicester Square/Clapham tea hut :slight_smile:

Been to Leicester Sq to see the Bond film, bit of a let down, and of course forgot to go looking for the rest of LB out terrorising the tourists!! :w00t:

I’m going to a firework display tonight (as it’s now Saturday…)

I was on my last late shift of this set and had the privilege of being called a “Fkin Fat Prck" and told, "Yeah you go and walk away from me ya Fat Bich ya need to lose some Fkin weight Fatty!”. What joy!!
Thankfully I’m on my rest days now and enjoying a glass of red vino to help me calm down!

Isn’t the world a nice place to live!! Some people just don’t care about a fellow humans feelings :unsure:

well, i get home from ace/leicester square/clapham tea hut at midnight, and my house mates are having a party. theyre already pissed, and convince me to start drinking( not that it takes much persuasion) then they all feck off to bed, so im now left, posting on lb at 3:15 am…