What have I missed?

I seem to have forgotten to log on for four years, someone care to fill me in?

Seriously though, flicking over a few posts this afternoon I’ve missed this place, hopefully see some of you up at BM before too long.

Welcome back mate! You haven’t missed much… The odd wedding, a fair few bikes crashed and injuries healed… And Smiled’s still a twat! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the Smiled club up to now? 700?

Did Westie get married? That filtered through the grapevine to me. I live in darkest Kent now, so the semaphore is much slower than it used to be.

Rixxy went round the world, Jetstream went to Wales, Mark went to France in his van. The OMC opened, I took my bike out in the rain (only once mind). I think that covers everything.

A fair few weird newbies joined like my good self :slight_smile:

The oldies are pretty weird too.

Do you still have the stormtrooper helmet?

Hehe - http://londonbikers.com/forums/528164/Waht-did-I-miss :wink:

That is very impressive!


Yeah, I’m consistently forgetful, credit there right?

Check out the blog link in my sig, it felt pretty epic.

Will do. It certainly looks it.

Welcome back!

How’s the bike?

The bike is epic, never been one for Sports bikes before, bit of an impulse buy. It outclasses me in every way!