What gets your head nodding?

I listen to my Ipod a lot at work

Have it on shuffle and have thousands of tracks

Normally just carry on with my day to day work but occasionally I have to stop and nod my head furiously

The tune that prompted this today was “Ace of Spades”

What gets your head nodding?

“Another pint Chaz?” Normally get’s my head nodding :slight_smile:

“Oh Yes!”:smiley:


bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbraaappP!!! yup! nods nods nods again

oh and i rock to everything on my ipod:D:cool:

o good choon on the ipod.:smiley:

I can’t do that at work :blush::wink:

At the minute its Maria Sharapova. :smiley:

Ace of Spades does it for me - it’s the music equivalent of all the best things in life - beer, cigarettes and motorcycles - a truly fantastic combination (although I did give up the ciggies recently!). Does anyone remember when Lemmy and Motorhead did Ace of Spades on the Young Ones - brilliant!:wink:

it’ll age me, but yep, i do remember that.

Enjoy! - Again!:wink:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4esUPN8SIs&feature=related


Bought the legend a JD in a pub on Bewrick st market, but that was 15 years ago

True legend- will chat for ages if you buy him a drink

Saw them at Hammersmith when i was 11 with my mates older brother- real scary

Think it was the no sleep til Hammersmith tour- mind you can’t remember much as i was cowering at the back drinking my bottle of panda pop

What gets your head nodding…ummm…bl*wjobs…or Parkinsons

I seen them on the No Sleep 'till Hammersmith tour as well. Excellent and loud, no hearing for 5 days


Boring bl**dy meetings for the sake of meetings in local government. It’s just before I drop off. Particularly after a wet lunch.

On the music front, just a few and for the life of me I can’t remember which. I’ll have to find the MP3 to remind me.

I saw Motorhead on the anniversary tour (at Hammersmith!) - couldn’t hear for three days. They’re getting older…

there is one song that gives me butterflies every time i listen to it…papua new guinea by future sounds of London…

magical song that sends shivers all threw me…