What garage lights (indoors)?

any recommendations for good garage lighting?

The hex lights seem to be the current flavour if you are a detailer or want to be a bit flash. Apparently less shadows thrown https://hexagonlighting.com/product/hexagon-10-grid-system/

I’ve used a couple of led battern lights from screwfix which are bright enough for what I need, good throw of light and bright enough for general use https://www.screwfix.com/p/reeve-twin-4ft-led-batten-36w-3300lm-220-240v/476pp

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Depending on your ceiling you can install GU10s. They are all LED now and there are also smart versions.

Some LED lights show every single swirl mark on your paint which can be a good or bad thing.

The hex ones are super cool. Expensive, but cool AF.

I’ve got a number of strip LED beams like the second link, but on a remote control with intensity controls.

Wow. Cooler than anything in my home.

thanks @cooltempo
I think the hex is abit too much :smiley:

LED strips seem a sensible solution

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I just had 9 GU10s installed. They look great and weren’t very expensive. Easy to replace too if they burn out.