What do you think of quads?

Was involved in a horrific accident today, two quads came speeding around a roundabout when the back quad went to over take the front quad and hit his mates back wheel and came off, he got thrown into the van in front of me where he was trapped under the rear wheel, i got out called the police and paramedics and sat with him, few peps tried to take his helmet off and yes we all know its a big no no, so yes i did shout at them. few mins later he came around and was screaming at the guy to move his van of his leg, he finally got himself up,broken ankle and cut to bits then shouted at me for calling the police we all tried to stop him put he managed to get on his quad and off, i got his number plate when the police finally turned up 25 mins later they checked the plate and yep it was stolen, his mate didnt stay round to long either.

Did i do right? by the by it was essex police.

What else could you do? We all know that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

theiving bastard got what he deserved anyway. quad was stolen, just bit hacked off,ya do the right thing and get abuse.

You did everything absolutely right.

Thieving gits for stealing the Quad in the first place.

well doesnt matter, next time something like that happens i will still do the same and help as much as poss. fingers cross the bloke goes to the hospital and the police are there, its all on there system. can we all be safe please coming up to this nice weather we are about to get. :slight_smile:

  • 1 on that mate…

You did the right thing. Why worry about idiots and scumbags? Even as an easy going old fart, I hope his injuries cause him enough trouble to get him nicked.

Similar scenario. I had a very close shave with two 14/15 (?) y.o. on a moto crosser on the road yesterday. No helmets, no number plates, no pillion footrests.

Phoned it in but, as the nice man at the other end said, “How do we catch them?”

Should I have U turned and followed them?


Well done to ya mate for doing the right thing, shame it was wasted on these [email protected]

i think you did the right thing. you werent to know the quad was stolen, andn if hes broken his ankle he will turn up at a hospital at somepoint, hopefully the old bill will catch up with him soon.

There is one situation where you should remove the helmet and that’s if you can not determine if the person is breathing or if you’re confident they are not breathing.

You need to remove it in a particular way and it’s usually a two person job. You need to check their air way for obstruction and clear it, or perform CPR.

This is all covered on the First Bike on the Scene (FBoS) course.

If I remember correctly (somebody correct me ?) 60% or more of biker accient deaths are caused by secondary injuries, or, injuries that are not immediately fatal like bleeding, air way obstruction (usually from blood or vomit) so being able to remove the helmet and do something about this can save a life.

you did everything right and even if that thief scum wasn’t grateful, i think we are at LB that there are people like you out there doing the right thing by others :slight_smile:

Deffo mate, you did so pat on the back to you and as for the thieving git with the broken ankle shouting at you…well…well…hope his bones heal dead slowly and painfully with a life time of burning arthritis. Ungratefully pikey twat.