What Do you think of Aprilia Pegaso 650

Hi All

I have an option to buy a 1998 Aprilia Pegaso 650 for £1500. It’s black, low milage with a new carbon exhaust. It will be my first bike and the main use will be for getting to and from work in central london.

As a newbie any advice and opinions would be hugely appreciated!

buy a bmw f650 parts are cheaper and i think its the same engine

There are probably differing views as to which is better Pegaso or F650. The engine is basically the same, with some valve differences between the 2.

I have an F650 of a similar age to that Pegaso, they’re a good solid first bike and very easy to filter around traffic in town. It’s a good managable hack.

Not sure about parts for the Pegaso, but there are 2 BMW parts dealers in the UK both do new and used parts, they seem reasonable.

See if you can take one for a test ride, the single cylinder engine can take some getting used to, so I’ve heard, it’s all I’ve riden so everything else feels weird to me

I’ve worked on a few of these bikes now and have a few pointers to help you make an informed decision;

Parts are an absolute nightmare to get hold of, especially on the older models…ie 98; i tried to get a side stand for a customer and aprilia uk themselves couldn’t provide a part number or anything on a 97 bike . . . kept me hanging about for a month too before they said they couldn’t get me one…had to get one made!

you say a new carbon can … …a loud one i presume? MOT laws have tightened significantly in recent years so make sure you get the standard one too if it’s still ok . . .if not refer to point 1 . .expensive too.

other than that they’re good bikes . . resonably reliable; respoked a couple of wheels before but no major problems apart from those above.

the previous recommendation for a BMW is probably wise due to the excellent parts supply new and second hand for the F650. Do you like the teutonic styling though?

Hope i’ve been some help


Thanks for the advice, seeing as it will be my first bike I don’t really want the drama of struggling to find parts! Looks like I’ll give this one a miss and get a bike from a shop that comes with a warranty. (And I prefer the look of the sport bikes )