What do you think? Genuine or.....

Recently got this message…seems to have a certain ring to it…:wink:


I am interested in buying the ZZR1100 that you have placed for sell now, and I would want to enquire about the present condition of the above mentioned, as well as some detail about you. I expect this timely enough.

As for the payment, I would need you to get back in touch with the last asking price as I will be paying with a certified cheque.

Lastly, please forward to me your full company’s (or house address, telephone and fax) details as I will subsequently prefer reaching you through these facilities.

Yours interestingly,

Raymond Griffiths

Should you need to reply to me, Please get back in touch with your
details to me at:[email protected] for a quick reply.

Ha ha - Raymond Griffiths eh!

“I would like your bank details, so I can deposit de money’s!” :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should give a random address, and then wait for the ba**ard with a few choice torture instruments, just in case he turns up with a white van instead of the money of course! :P:w00t:

Someone on another forum who is selling a blade got exatcly the same message so def a scam :stuck_out_tongue:

Never accept cheque!

If it ever seems funny, just leave.

It’s quite obviously a scam, who the hell writes like that anyway!

ignore it - no-one writes like that. Its foreign crap because they all think we speak like the queen.

send him my email adress…i wanna wind him up and have a bit of fun with this guy…lol;).


Hi This is definitely a scam. Just do a UK google search for Raymond Griffiths and you will see that this 4rsehole has been trying it on all over the forums on bikes, cars etc. You can spot these a mile off. Usually the bad english gives you a clue. The certified cheque is a forgery. I am surprised he is not offering you a larger amount than the bike is worth and for you to send him the balance. This was the usual thing a couple of years ago. You would receive the cheque and a little van would arrive and collect you bike, car etc. The cheque would clear and you think great, lurvely dubbley. Cash in bank, forward the difference. This takes about 10 working days. Then after about 3 weeks or 21 working days your bank tells you the cheque is counterfeit and take all their money back. You are left with a huge hole in your account and no bike/car. Not nice, you have no come back and are left high and dry. It can normally be traced back to an African nation and the black Maffia out there. I work as a manager in IT and best advice is never, ever give out personal data like address and definitely not bank details, pin numbers or passwords to unknown persons over the net. Nobody, but no one who is credibley, including your bank, will ever ask you for those details in an email or ask for your complete pin or card pin over the phone.

If asked don’t tell 'em, be polite, but firm and say “No” and then contact your bank as it is now down to the banks to investigate this type of fraud.

Mark it as phishing. Your local trading standards or police might want to know but I doubt it.

Best of luck with the saleLoz

Yeah, I know it’s a scam…I was just a bit surprised that he is a member of LB… Bike was sold weeks ago but think I might give him a bit if a run around just for fun:)

There was a great email that went round a while afo, where this guy got these scammers to dress up in different outfits or hold banners saying stupid things - was hilarious - wish I still had it.

Not quite a direct post but I’ve recently been surprised to find that both Royal Bank of Scotland and Abbey plc have their security departments for internet banking in Nigeria.

I don’t do internet banking and so don’t have on line accounts with either.

Could not work out a decent wind up for these.

Any sugestions for me if they come back again?

A bit of scam baiting anyone?http://www.419eater.com/html/trophy_room.htm

ash (20/06/2008)

A bit of scam baiting anyone?http://www.419eater.com/html/trophy_room.htm[/quote]Some of those stories are hilarious, they are just mental!! /I loved the one about the artist who carved wooden statues for the fella in the uk!!

Well best of luck with it. And I hope you give 'em a run for your money:D