what do you do for a living?

Maybe this has been covered before, but if so I havnt seen and I’m sure other newbies may not know either. Plus I bet there’s some people with damn interesting jobs on here :wink:

Personaly I’m self employed and deal mostly with tenants in shared houses/flats with a view to start getting my own places to rent in a year or two.

If I wasn’t doing this I’d work in pest control, coz I like killin stuff. :w00t:

2 threads on the same subject?

Duty Security Manager at an Airport in London.

work in IT on Oracle for a London University

Programme Director in Defence.

I am an assassin…If there is anyone you wanna get rid off let me know…:smiley:

I’m an Executive Assistant

My job sux compared to some of yours.
Im a retail manager for Waitrose

Seamstress/leather repairer:P and hubbys a pest control officer(and he also likes killing things:w00t:)

Professional Layaboutwith Property Development mixed in.

Latest Effort:


IT Consultant. Send a PM if you require an intranet or corporate website.

data analyst for Nectar… I know what you buy muahahahah!! :ermm: :smiley:

I have won 28 million in a lottery according to a email I received so I told my boss to **** off and I am waiting for the money

Business manager for a Ford dealership

factory mechanical engineer for now

Software test engineer at Sky

And no i don’t install your dish:P

IT and Premises Manager for a Homeless Charity in Trafalgar Square…

Website/email Front end development and design.

london bus driver

software developer (java mainly) for an investment bank


I’m self employed, I work in logistics for an engineering, procurement and construction company for oil and gas plants worldwide, project I am working on is based in Qatar, sounds interesting but it’s just another office job tbh :slight_smile: