what do u reckon of this jacket?

alrite everyone?:smiley:

just wondreing if anyone owns this type of jacket

what u reckon of it? good all year rounder? hows does it fair in the rain? any other alternatives worth a recomendation? just looking for something that can handle rain well…warm wen its cold and decent wen its hot…armour would be a must!

I think I’ve got that in Blue/White but they do it in leather or textile, I’ve got the textile version - if thats the same as mine its crap in the rain, isnt waterproof but does come with a removable thermal lining. Its quite thin & has armoured shoulers/elbows and foam back protector. I use mine as more of a summer jacket really but wouldnt want to have an off in it if I was going pretty quick ie: a motorway.

Its nice and light though & you dont get too hot in it so an ideal jacket to wear to the pub on your bike :slight_smile:

Whats the model of it & I’ll double check when I get home - I think mine cost £145 new.

i think its the t dyno…lol i have shamlessly nicked these images from the bay and its only listed as a textile alpinestars jacket…

got it in blue/black. really comfy jacket mate and does its job but as said above more for summer or short blasts. holds up to showers but not great in heavy rain and you will get wet!

used mine for 3 years rain and shine! waterproof pullover in the rain obviously! :smiley:

good lil jacket tho mate!

heres mine:

i think theres something wrong with the last pic… oh yea its the white shadow at the top :smiley: jacket looks like its done its job though!

yer i cant remember what that was. i was bored one night at home after my month in hospital so decided to take a pic of my jacket lol

it done its job well! I upgraded the back armour tho. and it was the ambulance crew that cut it off of me.

I found some change and smokes in my pocket too. so i spent it on red bull smoked the ciggys lol :smiley:

hmm i think i may ebay one…see if i can get it cheap enough, saw one go for about 40ish lol defo will upgrade the back prtection if it only foam its got in there…

ama i was about to say the same thing lol, need some extra ventilation eh smf?:D:P:D

Ive got one and love it but as said wouldnt fancy comming off in one i use a back protector anyway but mine keeps me warm and dry especially now i dont ride on the road (much) lol :smiley:

Something like that, they wouldnt let me ride home :wink:

and yer the stock back pro int here is only foam, i had a knox one in mine, shoult still be in there too lol, its doen a really good job! :smiley:

sell it to him smf :D…def a job for an honest ebay tpe description here:

‘alpinestars jacket, in the BEST colour scheme available with some custom venting and life-like scuffing added for effect, upgraded armour…only worn once’ :smiley: