what do people think of the aprilia rsv?

thinking of grabbing an aprilia rsv or rsvr mille as I have a new project on the way but need a bike i can use as my daily ride/entertainment. anyone got or had one and what do you think of them?

I had a 2000.5 from new for a couple of years … used for commuting into town and leisure. If you don’t mind slightly snatchy injection and weight on wrists its a perfectly capable commuter. Out on the road or track I found it to be one of those bikes which really comes together when ridden hard - not a bike for the inexperienced (I’m not suggesting you aren’t experienced) … they can bite if ridden ham-fistedly! Make sure its been looked after - I sold mine on to a friend who then sold it on to another friend and they started to have some niggles : leaking pipes/joints around the oil cooler; corrosion on fork bottoms due to bad finish; etc



Only one way t oknow for sure Mo - go and try one , but make sure you get at least an hour on it coz you need to give it a good chance to prove itself to you . After this time you will either not want to take it bak or you will have been put off for ever . I loved my old model ( 51 plated facelift non R model ) and wish I still had it to a certain extent coz the Tuono is just too damned comfy LOL



IMO it depends on what type of communiting you intend to do. If it’s heavy town work then you’re asking for a world of pain in my opinion.

Its sportsbike ergonomics really don’t suit town, it’s tall + leant-forward + slightly snatchy powerful twin motor coupled with tall gearing + hand-numbing heavy clutch (early models).

You have to try it on A + B roads (or on the track) to appreciate it - obviously it also depends on how you like V-Twins.

In a nut-shell, it’s not built for confort but if that’s not your priority it can be a very rewarding bike.

ps: it can be VERY thirsty (when ridden hard).

I have a 2001 (pre change) RSV Mille standard and so far I like it, I’ve found it to be the most value for money superbike you can buy pre-owned at the moment. (private 1800-2000, dealer 2300+) more if you go for fancier models or post-change 2001+

Since 90% of my riding is in town between cars I couldn’t bring myself to get a 'R version…yet :slight_smile: we’ll see in a couple of years when depreciation has hit some more.

I’m 6 ft and to reach the bars I’m on full reach, something which I haven’t had to deal with since…ever and also when I’m sat on the bike only about half of my foot is reaching the ground, if I want to have my foot flat when at the lights I have to sligtly lean the bike.

The clutch is good but heavy which I notice when I commute in town. Seat is nice and comfy unlike the SP-1’s mouse mat seat and the engine keeps my privates nice and toasty in the winter.

Suspension is nice and deals with most situations and pot holes I’ve come across so far, btw the bike flicks very fast which is something to get used to since the steering damper is kinda stiff and to me feels weird to have a slow/stiff steering bike that wants to lay down real quick.

Engine and gearbox is good fun all round, 2nd and 3rd is all I need mostly, kinda pointless to check the speedo if you are reeving 3rd hard or are above as you are going too fast, might aswell start thinking about colorful and entertaining excuses :P!

I love it but personally myself if I was to work on a litre v-twin project bike I’d seriously consider a TL1000R instead because of the amount of spares available and ways of shoe-horning GSX-R bits on it aswell which means even more choice :slight_smile: up to you.

My last real motorbike I owned was a 1999 full power Hayabusa and tbh it was a lot easier to ride around town than the RSV but in the years I owned the Busa I never got to trash it much faster than I ever managed on my old CBR600F-Y which was so easy to just use it 100% full throttle in most gears so the only thing that was keeping my top speed down was my (lack of) skill.

I just realised I misunderstood you, the RSV as an everyday bike and not as the project, if you don’t mind a heavy clutch yeah, is no problem.


my commute is fairly short and not to bad on traffic so thats fine, 80% of the miles i cover are on motorways, A-roads etc. will def go try one sometime soon just wanted some feedback as to what people thought of them first so cheers for the advice :smiley:

Much as I love Priiers, I’d never call it practical for everyday use. Like my Tiller, it’s a handfull in town and far from comfy.

If you want a practical, fun, day to day V2 look at Firestorms;)

if i do go for a twin its got to be the mille as i have a few very nice choice bits for them hidden away i was going to use on a project :wink:

Get a Tuono instead… same bike but much better in town and a hell of a lot more fun.

By the way I’ve commuted on mine for 5 years now, everyday from March to October with no issues. Plus Firestorms are dull and thirsty in comparison.

Gota say would love to do something trick with the front end of mine, any ideas?