What Colour goes with Orange & Black??

I’ve decided i am going to get this design done on my Bike.


I’m going to keep the Lamborghini Pearl Orange as the main colour. It’s the reason i bought the Bike, it’s a lovely colour and also can’t be bothered with having to change the Log Book plus all my Insurance!!

What i want to know is whay colour would be good with Orange as the Pinstripe that is “Monster Green” on this Bike? I was thinking a Nice Royal Blue or something similar.

Here is a close up of the Pin stripping that i mean

I think red or blue would go well with it

Red and orange really clash


Silver/grey if you want it lighter than the orange, dark blue if you want it darker.

I’m going for orange/silver on my bicycle respray, orange and blue is classic Eddy Merckx colours

Here are a few of my Choices for the strip combo

Light Blue & Orange

Monster Green & Orange.

Dark Blue & Orange.

I think the Green goes OK with it and then i can use the Factory standard Monster Decals :slight_smile:

Of those three, I’d go with green since the design has monster logos on it. Would definitely avoid blue!!

This really isn’t helping. Ive got about 10 Hours to make my Mind up!!!

Do i do this or do i just stick with my original plan???

I think orange looks really nice…

what’s with the stickers? free advertising? extra bhps?? :D:D being a bit of a troll here…

The only reason for the Stickers and “Advertising” is i’m a Fan of Race Reps and “Non-Standard” looking bikes. i’ve never really been into the Generic look of a Bike, i’ve always had to change it from the Norm somewhere along the Line.

when in doubt what colour looks best

paint it Magnolia works every time


Or Dulux White Emulsion

can you get it done in global hypercolour heat reactive paint, that way you can have two colour schemes in one :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it custom but don’t forget to keep it classy! I’ve always preferred bikes without “sponsorship” stickers!

I think your bike looks amazing in with the orange seat unit! I would just do that again!


:smiley: I was just messing, your bike your rules :smiley:

purple goes with orange and black quite well, an all gunmetal grey Gixxa would be quite nice…

I know a great place in Romford to get them decals done…haha. Its Dan (White [email protected] Kenlee’s) I joined up mate, was just looking at the forum and see your bike, so rude to not say hi. Thanks for putting me into the direction of this forum, great place. Well up for the welsh Tour in 2015 as well!

And for what its worth, I love your ideas on the race rep. My first few bikes were race reps, GSXR 600 Corona, and K2 Telefonica (loved that bike). Also had a café racer I made from a BMW K series. I now have a bike I have always wanted, an R1 5VY. Just need to start making a bit more time for it!

Hello mate.

Welcome to the forum. As I said to you earlier, your more than welcome to join us on rideouts whenever they’re on. The more the merrier :slight_smile: just keep an eye out on here cos there’s always things going on.

I had a k1 telephonica rep :slight_smile: loved that bike, I took it to Monaco through the Alps and it’s the reason I decided to go back to a 750 from my Fireblade