What chance England to beat the All Blacks tomorrow?

No chance.

I reckon All Blacks 40 - England 15

8:00am tomorrow morning on Sky Sports 1

Photo is of my youngest with Jerry Collins. Collins was training at Blackheath before the Barbarians game a couple of weeks ago,



I’ll pitch in a bit closer at All Blacks 21 - England 18

but still a loss

Muntu, do you get along to any Blackheath games? Went to a few myself this season.

Hi Glen

I haven’t been recently but intend to go to more next year - so can meet for a beer if you want.

My oldest will be playing for the U15s next year - bit of an awesome tight head prop. They play at Well Hall though (if you know it).

Zinzan Brooke reckons 5 to 8 point win for the Kiwis


I’m hoping they will destroy them like the Barbars did to South Africa. But the chances of is zero. :frowning:

Just hope that the game isn’t one sided. :slight_smile:

It should be a good game, dont think it will be as easy for NZ as people think. Look at the Ireland game last weekend.

Saying that, my bet is still on NZ.

Is that Jimc in the background?

I’ll go for an England win by a couple of points.

Come on England

I’m an All Blacks fan, rooting for them all the way

doesn’t matter what the score is, there’s a couple of key points.

Firstly and most importantly, its NOT football. So whatever the result just watching it instead of footie that we can 't even qualify for makes us winners.

Secondly, if we lose, its not a bad result. Just having the guts to step onto the same field as the All Blacks makes you man enough. However, if we win, those losing Kiwi softies will only come up with some LAME and PATHETIC excuse that we only won cos they fielded a weaker side…

They WEREN’T in the last TWO World cup finals… WE WERE!!!

When are England fans gonna support England unconditionally… ? Don’t let RFU and rugby go the same way as football. No one ever happy and perpetual whinging about it all the time…that way, football failure lies!


Only 9 and 1/4 hrs to go.

Set the virgin box to record it just in case I’m not up in time.

Rugby will never go the same way as rugby.

My eldest was the Blackheath U14s captain this year. Got sent off in one match for telling the ref the rules (even though he probably knows the rules better than the ref) !!!