What can you see out of your window

Just got in after a frantic day, sat down then could hear the whirling of rotor blades… Thought hmmm I know that sound, sounds like the big red bird so I looked outside.

The LAA was trying to find somewhere to land and the only bit of slight space was a small car park opposite my house, talk about land in tricky places these guys have skill!

Not a very nice accident just up the road from me, where someone had fallen from a great height out of a window or over a balcony (I wasn’t going to look or find out, it’s just what neighbours have been saying) I was more interested in looking at the helicopter but also didn’t venture over - too shy, that’s me :smiley:

So I whipped my camera out and between the bedroom window and open gap I tried to snap a few pics, some were really blurred and others homed in on the window frame … need more practice :wink:

It’s times like this when you really appreciate what emergency provisions the London Air Ambulance provides to the thousands of people within it’s boundary and all made possible by the generous donations businesses and people give … Well done guys!






I’ve witnessed HEMS landing several times… it never ceases to amaze me the tiny spaces they land in - their pilots are extremely skilled.

I also live very close to a hospital where the Kent Air Ambulance lands - it is a source of lots of entertainment for the kids when they arrive:)

They’re pretty cool in a tight spot - how they get into some places is beyond imagination. Bloke I knew in hospital years ago got airlifted from a cage smash down in Zummerzet, broken neck, ribs, legs, smashed pelvis, died 3 times on the flight and they got him back, 6 weeks in a coma and survived. Then a few years later he had a heart attack and survived that, has a pacemaker now - when I see him, I always suggest we go and sit in front of a microwave and see if it peps him up like rumour says :slight_smile:

good pics Ang, they look alright!

whatever happned, hope he/she makes a speedy recovery.

i had them land…literlaly next to me a few months back, on the way home from ace i came across a bike accident, they landed the heli on the crossroads where i had stopped as the A406(my only kown route home!) had been shut off.

the amount of debris they can kick up is mad, gotta say the skills of the pilot were amazing, we need the LAA, they do a ighty fine job.

when i lived in the tower blocks on my estate, i watched them land quite a few times, i lived 17 floors up!:w00t: i think it was an orange colour helicopter back then.

and it DOES sound difrent to the police choppers.:wink:

Hey Ange that last pic is really good :smiley: well done you

andy, i love your humour dude:D

Cool pics :wink:

Yep, a truely great service!

We’re proud to help them in any way we can.

Great shots!!! Ang got skills!