What can I exchange them for?

Ok, so I get back to my bike again yesterday and yes, there’s another NO PARKING FEES flyer tucked under my petrol cap.

Guess what, yep, not only is our site getting spammed, so is my bike! :hehe:

I was wondering, as I have around 20 collected at home now, whether I should wait around and stick them up his a*se, or can I exchange them for something. You know, like you do with a loyalty card.

Any ideas?

Like ‘Free coffee at Starbucks’ :w00t:

Maybe they will exchange them for a free days parking? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol - yeah, I can hang around like a school bully, and take his lunch money! :hehe:

Maybe you could exchange them for free diesel:w00t:

is that spilled or unspilled?


Unspilled please - we’re all aware how dangerous ‘spilled’ is! :wink:

Perhaps if you left one on your bike when you parked up you wouldn’t get any more.

By jove i think he might just have it:P

I’ll wait for the next one then and superglue it to the bike! :smiley: :hehe:

Maybe we should redesign the LB stickers to say Londonbikers.com - no flyposting please…

Or …

Londonbikers.com - Don’t talk to me about Parking Fees / Diesel Spills I get enough of that on the forum.

Better would be “Londonbikers. Parking charges exempt vehicle.” Going by my borough, it would be years before the lame brains worked that one through.

Down side. I’m assuming they can read.