What can be done with these people...

A woman was walking her dog along the street. She was hit by a car and her and the dog killed.

The driver has been charged with a driving offense plus to add insult no licence / MOT / Insurance…

WTF is going on with these people…


that’s sh*t

Time to bring back a quick slap I think… or at least something with a real deterant - because jail doesn’t appear to be the deterant that it used to be… they need punishment - or rather more to the point punishment that means just that to them not just the comfortable middle classes.


sad news.
RIP to both…

bring back capital punishment!.

if only.

Too much of this going on these days

I wander what his story was…was he running away from something (don’t get me wrong…just want to know the facts before passing judgement…)

… BUT…

If it was the case that this is how he lives (no doubt allong with a fair few other people) not adhearing to our laws (which do tend to be there for a reason…well…some do seem pointless sometimes! but I digress!!!) then i would like to quote some lines from a film…PULP FICTION…you know vengence and furious anger an’ all

if that doesn’t work…chop them up and use them as dog food…

even that would still be too good for them…!!!

Just goes to show, if ya wanna kill someone and get away with it, run them over with your car.

sad news!! rip that lady and the dog!!

as grim say’s, TOO much of this going on nowadays!!!

I felt the same way you did last week Friday Patrick

In fact the documentary I watched almost had me in tears as it was centred on kids and teens who were being killed on the roads. I think the worst bit was the end when the boyfriend and family of one of the casualties had to sit and watch the judge give 5 months to the man who had killed the girl and injured his friend.

His friend was a young man, on a weekend from the army. It is over a year later and he is still having surgery to sort his vision out and is on crutches

As Puppy stated, if you hate someone enough and want them gone simply use a car

I lost 3 of my friends in uni to a drunk and drug high driver.

We we’re walking home from the club - bit pissed - car comes down the wrong way down a one way street - hits the speed bump loses control and then ploughs into us on the pavement. 3 of my friends died instantly and the rest of us pretty badly messed up.

The story is sill online in the Notts local paper somewhere - I’ll dig it out.

Want to know what the guy got?

7 months.

3 month driving ban.

Now tell me that’s justice.