what back protector will you recommend?

what back protector will you recommend?

What I wear is a Teknic brand, with 7 plates. Probably discontinued.

i wear a knox as i got it half price…

I’ve got Dianese, but Forcefield looks impressive. Check them out.


I use Forcefield myself. I have the upgrade inserts for each of my jackets (leather and textile) and also the full back protector for long journeys. I also have the Pro-Pants for when I want to cut around the city in my jeans. All very comforable, and very good protection for a reasonable price.:wink:

+1 for Forcefield, just bought one
the level 2 strap on back protector is £79.99 at j&s accessories (my branch is Greenwich), thats a tenner less than RRP me thinks


very comfortable, good build quality and i feel a hell of a lot more secure than with those relatively small jacket inserts

Used to wear a Know roll up only cos I could not get a forcefield, dont wear 1 now as I have a 1 piece with a race hump

Forcefield no question. Mine fits so well now dont notice its on.

a 1 piece with a race hump is not a back protector and doesn’t even come close to giving you enough spine protection.

is that the 1 i tried on??? im gonna come down before my next trackday n get that 1 :smiley:

i would go with the long dainese wave back protector as they arnt very wide and does the job spot on. may not be level 2 but it protects you all the same so Mr.dainese isnt going to change it :slight_smile:

The forcefield is a level 2 protector whereas some others including dianese are level 1.

The Forcefield also moulds to your body as it warms up making it really comfortable.

got G2, hard to say if I could recommend it or not, never slided on it yet :smiley:

quite comfy though

Dainese all the way… if it is good enough for stuntmen in the movies, good nuff for me. I think they probably take alot more falls and spills than all of LB :w00t: (yes I know its a close call here lately though :doze: ) and realize what is the best one for them to use to protect themselves and their backs.

I use a Forcefield L2. The comfort is unbelievable - I can hardly tell it’s there. Fortunately I haven’t had to test it out yet but it defintely gives you that bit extra peace of mind.

I also have an Alpinestars Tech Race one that is brand new, unused if anyone is after one.

I’m using a nice Hein Gericke Hiprotec long back protector. Does the job. Another HG Hiprotec back protector insert saved my back when rear ended by a dozy driver.

Thanks to this forum I am now the proud and comfortable owner of a Forcefield L2 back protector.

I’ve been trying these for a few months and this one seems to fit and, after a while, you just don’t notice it.

When I started this search I thought L1 was the best, but apparently L2 is? Just doesn’t sound right.

yup L2 is the one (good purchase)

I used my Forcefield L2 yesterday at Cadwell and after a couple of minutes I forgot it was on, despite having put on a few pounds and it making my jacket really tight :blush:

If you cut off the small straps it’s much more comfortable, apparantly they are only on it to make it easier to walk around in when you release the big stomach strap.

I’m guessing that’s quite a strap then Steve?!?! lol :w00t:

The L2 is the one I’ll be going for when I finally purchase a back protector.