What am I going to do?

No LB for 2 whole weeks!

You could browse through a collection of old Jazz mags.


Bound to be El Interneto Cafeo

Good thinking, but value my hoof too much.

At home I get “you’re always on LB” yadda yadda yadda, can you imagine if I did that on hol! Jeepers!

Where are you going, anywhere you could rent a bike and go touring?

Zante, I could walk around the island in 30 mins.

I’m quite lucky in that respect.

Give her a Mojito, Sunny spot and a good book and she has no idea I’ve even gone

Do you sail or dive, if not it could be a good place to learn.

Good idea, I’m sure I can set up some obstacles and diversions!!!

I like the ole scuba, so might so some of that.

Other than that it will be spent soaking up the rays and ridding myself of the S.A.D I am currently experiencing


I took my PADI Open Water Dive Cert in Tenerife last year, was great fun

Yeah, I want to do my PADI, see how things go.

Am off now peeps, dont miss me too much

me and terry motto went to zante 2 years ago…we hired 125off road bikes.had a great time,and cheap to hire

Now that sounds like a plan

Have a good one!