What a start to the day!

Sun shining, new rear tyre, dew covered roads and The Riot! I’m very happy!:slight_smile:

I wish I was riding today :frowning:

Lucky you,some of us are working,:angry:

Me to took my RR is at the spa for the day getting new indicators, crash bungs, and carbon fiber panels:cool:. I’m missing her already and it’s only been 3 hours!

Are you in SE London by any chance because a “Riot like” XR comes past my house at about 6 every night and it is awsomely loud:w00t:

Amen brother :frowning:

you backing it in again sneaky!?

sliding like when you left essential;):w00t:

I am talking about the ride to work m8! I normally go in by train, but I couldn’t resist!:w00t:

That was unintentional…Honest! :Whistling:

I don’t think everyone thought that! I was behind a dude on an SV today… all he was doing was filtering at slow speed, went to put his foot down and it just came out from underneath him (slipperly road markings). He looked gutted! At least the damage wasn’t too bad.

Eek! Not good.

I wonder if he/her gets his/her ham-fists from the same place that I do?:frowning:

I just looking forwad to the ride home:w00t:, I hope I can keep The Riot rusty-side up!:wink:

Well, I’m home in one piece. The day has ended as it begun. I saw a cyclist jump the lights and nearly hit anothe cyclist crossing on the green. Thats actually an old Jim Davison joke about Charlky, but we wont go there! Not funny but…you know what I mean;)

Another thing that we shouldn’t laugh at :Whistling: was the another cyclist that was so concerned about the noisey mofo coming up behind him in the other lane, that he crashed into the back of white-van-man!:smiley:

Then I saw my first Audi R8:cool:

it werent me!:w00t: gutted for him tho,

That was unintentional…Honest! :Whistling:
haha yeah right:Wow: