What a lovely day!

Got moving to Box Hill from SE London at 8.30am and then over to Oakdene Cafe following a friend on his RC30 CCM. Met up with a friend of his on the same bike, but with the 710cc big bore jobby. Then hooned our way over to Whitstable along all the back roads.

I managed to keep up and had an absolute hoot of a ride. First proper rideout of the year now done. 240 miles and no moments of “ooohhhhh shiiiiitt Immmm gonnnna diieeeeeeeeee!”.

Just nice smooth hooligan riding with some supermoto’s and me chasing them on a Sports Tourer… one thing for sure, my bike sounds waaaay cooler going through the narrow roads! Triple howl takes some beating! Still have a huge grin on my face!

Ace, it’s very nice springtimey and sunny here too, I think I’ll go and show my Blackbird the other "wild"life in the Black Forest :cool: