What a knob!

Been out today for a bit of a blast popped to the shops before I came home parked my bike into a car space facing foward with the camber of the road going away from me, Now I never move my bike without sitting on it so today is no different despite this time shunting it back up the quite steep camber my right foot slips and my leg is too close to the bike to hold it up and it starts to fall slowly, I manange to hold it up for a second but thats all. I put my hand on the door of the car next to me as it goes lower I try and pull my foot out until it my boot gets stuck on the rear brake just above the sole by this time the weight has got the better of me and down she goes trapping my foot underneath. I cant lay down with it becuase the car next to me, all I can do is keep leaning on the door and feel the metal bending underneath my hand as I push against it trying to lift the bike enough to get my foot out. Im looking about but not one person comes and helps me, to be fair all I have staring at me is old women and they probably think I’ll be lifting it back up any second!! Im not joking I must of been stuck there for two minutes I despite three attempts of lifting it, there was no way with my foot in that position so all I could do was wait… anyway some old boy and Mrs pulls up in the space next to me and once he realises Im not sitting there trying to look cool he gets out “You look like you need a hand” he lifted it enough to free my foot… I felt like a right knob once I turned round I had certainly gathered some middle aged female interest shame they didnt put the same effort into watching as they did in going into the shop and getting a bloke to help me…

did you damage the car door?

What did you do about the dent you put in the car door?

How very embarrassing for you!

I remember oiling my chain in a busy public carpark by rolling it forward, bit of a squirt, then roll etc. It was going great until i let go the third time and the stand had kicked back… plonk.

My made did the same in a petrol station!

Im alright Steve thanks for your concern…

No the car was fine no dents I could just feel the metal giving a little … and I did check!

Did you mess your hair up? :hehe:

As long as you’re okay… :slight_smile:

well i assumed by the length of your comprehensive posting you must be alright :smiley:

It was fairly comical really just to get it back up and see all these people watching!!

well i learnt not to park downslope out of gear lol, thats what trapped me to the verge! lol, glad your ok

That made me laugh - but not good for you in that positon. Maybe crying out for help might have done it? I have parked downslope before - and once in the car park of my old work, where I could not physically push it back up and basically got stuck. Had to dig my mobile out and telephone a colleague, who came down with several other guys and starting taking the ****, saying why don’t you get a little scooter, that’s obviously too big a bike etc.:blush:

So I sympathise!! Better luck next time and that some attractive young lady rushes to your rescue like Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels;)

You’re lucky Si,

If Westie had seen you, he would have come over and lay underneath you… waiting for you to land! :blush:

oh behave! lol i doubt even i would have been that quick thinking:D

Quick? He was falling for 2minutes… a bit like one of those Matrix moves.

Even you could have got stripped down by the… possible lubed too? :wink:


Having done similar tricks in the past (several times) I can sympathise.:cool:

Still bloody funny though!:smiley:

You taking a leaf out of Wayne Rooney’s book in attracting more mature female company?

Glad you are okay but you are a knob


I was talking bikes to the bloke who did my plastering the other day,

Is son fell over on his bike as he was getting on it, in such a way that he was trapped and coz it was this tiny back street late at night, had to shout out until rescue came.

Now thats embarrasing.

Feel better? :slight_smile:

Haha been there, done that, bought the very embarrassing t shirt.

Glad to hear there’s no damage to you or your bike.

Be good if insurance policies cover damage to one’s pride, I would be their best customer :hehe:

Did any of the mature ladies have a mobile phone handy? We might have liked to watch the Youtube clip of this:D

PS Is the bike OK

PPS Glad you are OK


Happened to me kickstarting on a camber ( kickstart was towards the down gradient) :cool:

Weight of kick toppled bike and the frame trapped my ankle - couldn’t move and it effing hurt ( that day I went out with my workie boots on not my m/c ones - no ankle protection…)

Laying on my back I could see no one around - so cried out like a big Mary .“Get this ******* thing off me!” to no one in particular - bloke walking past lifted it off me… I thanked him but neither him or his girlfriend said anything…:blush: