What a great bunch of items!

I will confess right now, I generally just pop into LB’s forums and don’t explore anywhere else on the site. But this evening another forum gave a link to one of Toby-1-Kenobi’s “I’ve been to school” articles and I’ve just spent the last hour or two crawling round some of the rest of the site - what a fabulous resource we have at our fingertips!

Particularly liked Andrew&7’s thing on cornering, and of course our very own Tobes and his “lecture notes”, but there are loads of others that make fascinating reading.

So for those who haven’t read them, do go and take a look (third tab along at the top of the page you’re looking at now, labelled "Articles) and for those of you who’ve written, thanks a million guys and gals, they’re really good!

(Off to my pit now, I’ve come over all emotional - must have something to do with all that vino)