What a Gent.

Got home last night to discover I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere, bit odd, must have left it at work I thought. Got to work this morning, no sign. A**e I thought, must have dropped out of my pocket while on the bike on the way home - now somewhere on the M4, never to be seen again, or worse still in unscrupulous hands - had better cancel everything, so I did.

Then I got home today to find a package for me, in was my wallet containing all the cards and cash exactly as I’d lost it - with it was a note:

"Dear Mr Smith,

I found your wallet on the stockley bypass. I was driving my Hansen lorry, you were on your bike when the wallet came out of your pocket. I tried to alert you but you were going to fast - nice bike!

I tried to get your number but you are ex-directory, so I have posted it instead ( I used your stamps).

Hope this is OK and you are pleased to have it returned. Pass the good gesture onto someone else, I think the world deserves it!!

Yours Sincerely,

Pete Rigg"

What an absolute gentleman. I was a bit lost for words when I emailed him to thank him. Isn’t it consoling to think there are people as decent and honest as Pete who would go to those lengths to get my wallet back to me.

So, I just thought i should share it with you all in these sometimes gloomy times, I hope one day I can return the deed to someone else.

Thank you again Pete if you ever see this!

That’s really nice, what a top bloke :smiley: make sure you do as he says and pass on the good deed :slight_smile:

Ber-limey! That is fantastic!

What a top geezer he is and just how lucky are you it was him that saw it drop!? :slight_smile:

Top man!

Nice one :slight_smile:

He used YOUR stamps???

Cheeky Fugger;):D:D

Seriously, what a diamond geezer:cool::slight_smile:

Nice one!

nice to know that there are nice people around


Restores ones faith in humanity.

you carry stamps in your wallet!? you boy scout you! :stuck_out_tongue:

the proper thing to do :wink: well done that man :wink:

Nice to hear there is still some good people out there. You were very lucky. Cheers to Pete Rigg.


Cracking news that…

Sad, but its made my day reading that… amid all the shite and difficulty, its great to see there are some champions out there…

That’s fantastic! What a nice chap… :slight_smile:

TOP BLOKE!! we need more of these people.

Did he mention the holiday he’s booked on you visa card?;):D:D

top man!

Err…yeah so do I…some of us are just too damn organised… :Whistling:

Top man Mr Rigg, good to see there are still some decent people about… :smiley:

Totally decent.

Keep them with ya pension book do ya :slight_smile:

a heartwarming story in these troubled times…diamond geezer :slight_smile: