What a day to pick her up

There was a bit of a queue of people picking up bikes at Bracken, so I didn’t manage to get as many miles on the new baby as I would have liked, but still … what a day to pick up a new bike :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Who’s a lucky bunny then?


With those pipes it will be sounding very nice indeed. Congratulations :cool:

Now you need to change the photo in your signature :smiley:

very nice:D

Whoa! Very nice.:cool: Watch out for the tea-leaves.

Amazing. Those cans look delicious. Enjoy.

I need one of them at some point before I die!

Wasn’t you wobbling your way away from the Ace on one tonight was it? :w00t:

lol, wouldn’t like to be a passenger if you were accelerating hard, burnt ass methinks

nice!!! bet it sounds soooo sweet


very nice, i (almost) crashed into a parked up one earlier staring at it while riding past :stuck_out_tongue:


No, wasn’t me coming back from the Ace. But I was “wobbling” a bit to start. As you can see from the tyres, I wasn’t overly confident yet, new tyres, new brakes, new bike and all that. Felt a lot better after a few miles though :slight_smile:

Not sure about pillions, my wife isn’t so keen :wink: It’s not really a 2-up sort of bike anyhow :wink:
And yes, she sounds sweet. Particularly as Bracken couldn’t find the baffles :smiley:

F*king A!!!

that is pure veeeeeeeee -twin sex man!!:cool:

you wil get used to her fella, bit more poke thna the old 660 huh:D

enjoy mate, hope to see you out on it soon…B-C-R-…

PS you want a number?:smiley:

Lovely bike… lovely day… what more can you say? You lucky thing. :smiley:

Just a little bit :w00t:

Definitely, once everything bedded in, the R&G crash stuff has been fitted and confidence a bit higher :wink:
Maybe in a couple of weeks :hehe:

Hell yeah!

Nice bike fella, happy riding :slight_smile:

pick a number from 35 upwards fella! or just no.35:cool:

defo more poke! good init:D

lets us know when your ready for the BCR i shall come out to play;)

most importantly get used to it first, i bet it sticks to the road like sh*t to blanket:D:hehe:

Gorgeous. :smiley:

congrats mate:cool: enjoy it and get out with us soon. also get ya baffles off them for mot’s and trackday noise tests :slight_smile:

35 will do me :slight_smile:

Yeah, they’ve ordered in a pair. I’ll pick them up when my R&G stuff gets there, or when I get around to picking up the stock exhaust system in the car (8kg saving that is!!)