what a C**P day on the bike!

all started off riding to work and a guy decides to try cut traffic by going down a side road, i was filtering at the time, no indicators from him just woosh straight out. locked up the rear wheel (luckily only going around 15mph) stopped about 2 inches from the car who had then seen me, paniced and just stopped in the middle of the road. then police coming other way stopped next to me and said ‘want to watch yourself riding like that’ which was met by my reply of, ‘your powers of observation astound me, good job you were paying so much attention’ which got me a nice stern look…then got to work drenched, parked up. lunch time walk out of gym to see a car pull in and knock the bike over! not even reverse into it, just straight into it! then he tried to pull out and go so i sat on his bonnet til more people came to make sure he stayed put and i picked the bike up. snapped clutch lever, carbon fibre ears on the front fairing ruined (£75!!) and he had the nerve to say it wasn’t him, after i watched him do it! lucky as hell i had all the pannels off to be sprayed or i would have been crying…what a sh*tty day :angry:

Oh sh1t - sorry to hear about this Mo - he just drove straight into it!?*! WTF!

At least you caught the bugger in the act mate. Did he have legit insurance etc?

Hope you wrote his number plate down so you can claim? If you go on ASKMID.com you can pay £3.50 and enter the guys VRM, they’ll then give you his insurance company and policy number!

got all the details so hopefully it all checks out and luckily i have it on cctv as i moved one of our cameras to cover the parking bay after it happening a few years back…ye he pulled in and as he was just went straight into the bike, not even fast just nice steady pace, hit it, THEN hit the brakes

What a tit…makes you wonder who else he’s hit and how he passed his test!!

sorry to hear about your crappy day… hope tomorrows better x

his back bumper was scuffed, and the best bit…one of his reversing sensors was hanging off! :doze:

Shows the kind of driver he is then!

What - a c*nt - he shouldn’t be on the road.

Oh mate sorry to hear what a bad day you`ve had.

How annoying did you get the blokes details and if so i hope you make him pay for what he’s done plus a bit more to make up for your bad day:D

I make that 3 bits of bad luck fella - hopefully that’s your quota for this year :unsure:

That’s a bad a day…Good job tomorrow is a new one.

Hope you get him to pay for his blunder and it’s a shame traffic Pol acted on assumption rather than the facts :frowning:

i will most def make him pay for it, not all that much but its the principle! and as for the police reaction i’ve come to expect it of certain police round here, you get to know the ones who are antibiking pretty quick unfortunatley. i wonder if id crashed and gone over the car if they would have commented on my bad mid-flight control :doze:

Atleast you saw him do it- as opposed to just coming back and finding the bike on the ground…

Why are people so incapable of driving?

That’s crazy. I hope his insurance pays out.

He probably knows clifftop-satnav man.

Bad luck mate.

Hope it works out.