We've got some plod / explod on here right?

Including a couple from the diplomatic boys if I recall…

Presume you’ve all been busy deleting your past whassapp group messages?


A racist, a sexist and a homophobe walk into a London pub for a drink.

The barman responds “What can I get you officer?”

Don’t tar us all with the same brush… :roll_eyes:


Yeah, in every rotten organisation there’s bound to be the odd good apple TC.

Unlike you to be contentious BL

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There have been bad apples in the service since the first peelers took to the streets, and I accept that as I have first hand experience of having had a bent copper on my shift when I was young in service.

But the trouble is that thanks to the minority of bad apples, all the majority of good guys and girls working their butts off to try and make the place safer, they get tarred with the same brush and now everyone thinks that all coppers are [email protected].

For the majority of us, it was always the case that once you start going bent, you are no better than the scum you are trying to put away.

But what has really made things worse is the reduction in recruitment standards as far as background checks, education, fitness, height, training and, and and. Very different now to the hoops I and my peers had to jump through back in the day.

Poor management by senior officers has also gone down the toilet, so whilst the Police service has a lot of issues to answer to, it can be rectified with the re-introduction and a return to earlier and previous standards.

It should also be born in mind that the Met has always been a law (excuse the pun) onto itself and is very different to the provincial forces that the majority serve or served in. Elitist is often a word used, but regardless they have always been their own worst enemy and of course the public often think that coppers up and down the country are connected to the Met. Nothing could be farther from the truth thank goodness…

Just my opinion for what its worth…


Edit: post cleared - not getting into another internet debate

@Serrisan i would agree with your first sentence but not sure if that was based on personal experience or TV dramas of the day.

For me, there will always be good and shit coppers like there are good and shit teachers or accountants.

So the issue for the Met is how do they get rid of the shit ones? And this is where things fail miserably.

First up are the inadequate processes. The copper caught wanking on a train retained his job, funny on one level, shocking on another.

Fix that and it’s a start. But far bigger is the failure of ordinary coppers to play a role in rooting out the scum. When the culture is one of cover for your mates, what do we honestly expect?

Police officers fail to report colleagues, it’s in their DNA to lie and protect their mates. Staying silent, turning a convenient blind eye makes them complicit in the actions of their colleagues.

Then when you throw in the toxic misogyny that seems to have joined the well established racism of many officers and we get to where we are.

Couzens and Carrick are two scumbags that went undetected, though thier mates were happy to give them nicknames and share whattsapps.

And what of the scum that shared the photos of the two dead women? Are we supposed to believe these were isolated guys or is there not a real problem with some of these guys. How can anyone think that acceptable?

Still, the message is clear,.delete yer whattsapps, rally round and we can all carry on as before. Or have I missed any tangible actions to change the culture of cover up and of lads being lads?

And I’ll say this to anyone who serves and or served…if you did fck all, if you went along with it, if you chose to turn your cheek then you are absolutely complicit in the actions of those you chose to ignore. And if that was Couzens then you have you blood on your hands.

The truth often hurts, but then it hurts a fck sight more if you are one of the victims of these scummy cunts that abuse their positions.

This is the Mets opportunity to change. Chances of real change…I know where my money is.

Virtually all my experiences with on duty Police Officers have been a bad experience. My last encounter was when a group of us had been stopped for allegedly speeding, there was no evidence apart from the estimate of what one Police Officer saw from a distance while chasing us down and the speeds she reached on her unmarked motorcycle to catch us up. We were given a ticking off, some good advice and after a documents check sent on our way. Sadly in my experience that was the single exception to the rule.

For example, a similar experience with a Dorset sergeant who thought I was speeding and chased me down. When I told him I was doing “give or take 40 mph”, it was a 40 limit, he raised his voice asking for my exact speed. My reply to that was as before “give or take 40 mph” he was not happy. I explained I had given as honest an answer as I could and the “give or take” was due to my speedo not being 100% accurate. He then accuses me of being difficult and adds “an honest answer from a speeding biker, that would be novel”. He showed me about 2 miles of my ride on video with no evidence that I was speeding and was expecting me to admit to speeding when I wasn’t. After a lengthy discussion on speed he hands me a FPN for a MS60 offence! The last seconds of his video showed me riding at 20 in a 30 with both hands off the bars, flexing my fingers to encourage some blood flow on a cold day.

In summary that was a 40 minute stop, a 30 minute discussion on speed that went nowhere and 10 minutes to issue a FPN for a totally different offence. Is that a fair cop for not being in proper control? Maybe I should have contested it but didn’t.

In my experience Police are like 7 year old’s who think the world revolves around them, ignoring anything they don’t agree with and expecting everyone to jump at their command. Of course there will be exceptions.

The odd thing is I’ve know many Police Officers socially and they’ve all been the totally opposite to the on duty Police I’ve encountered.

Maybe they just become wankers when they put the uniform on? Would explain a lot :slight_smile:

One fundamental problem for the plod is that just like if you are a peado and you are attracted to jobs like teaching/scout leader etc. so too if you are a bully/thug/racist or sexual predator where better to work than the police?

They attract the worst of society and if their recruitment doesn’t weed them out then we are stuck with these wankers working in policing.

Anyone who hasn’t encountered them - am very jealous. Went to a footie match in London at 16, policeman makes me take off my shoes (to check for knives) - it’s raining and I am standing in puddles in my socks so he can look inside my shoes.

The match had started - it was nothing more than a “I am in charge, I can do whatever I like” - complete bully who used his power to humiliate and look big and feed his ego.

Thing is, he was a cunt. Everyone knew he was a cunt - he had a few coppers with him. And the system protects these pieces of shit every step of the way.

Anyone think for a minute he would have treated a vulnerable woman appropriately? Or used it as an opportunity for a leg over. I can’t say either way - but these wankers permeat the Met, always have done and they will continue to do so from what I can see…

And then they get all upset when the lights are shone on them and their mates whilst conveniently forgetting that they tolerate such behaviours all around them.

Lets be fair. The police have a very difficult job.
We all know you give someone an inch and they take a mile. That may be why the police feel first off they have to be harsh to gain control of the situation. You would hope once they realise you are not a threat their attitude may change and in my experience can. If however they perceive your reply to be putting them at risk they will continue the hard line approach.
Being asked to attend an incident with a nutter who may or may not have a weapon is not something I would look forward to on a daily basis.
When the only backup they may have is from someone they had reported for whatever reason and you start to see why things don’t get reported.

Don’t get me wrong if you know someone is a wrongun and you decide to socialise with them and be in groups with them then you deserve any abuse you get, but that applies to everyone in all walks of life.

Who hasn’t?

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They lost my respect when they took the knee.
Murder and rape haven’t helped either.

This one resigned. Guessing he was working his way up to train wanking but got caught before he progressed to moving vehicles.

Went on a plane once where some lads took turns in the bog with a jazz mag, proudly claiming they were now members of the “mile high club”.

None of them were serving plod as far as I know but a couple of them did have big feet…I wonder :smiling_imp:

Nurses have a very difficult job, but you don’t see anybody declaring they’re institutionally racist/sexist/homophobic.

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No but ones like the nurse accused of killing and attempting to kill babies shows there are bad people in all professions.