Wet or What?

That was a very wet ride home tonight. I’ve never seen the bike steam so much. There were rivers running across the roads!

It’s been non stop all day.

A wet ride home?? You are lucky

Yes I agree and I had 13 hrs in the saddle on Tuesday. Now that was wet.

Kit dried out yesterday in glorious sunshine (12 hrs this time )

Now its wet again after 12 hrs today :w00t:

At least it washed a lot of the crap of the bike and roads :slight_smile:

Kit wet, yes, me wet no. Kit now dry

i do not envy you guys at the mo :slight_smile:

maby buy some scuba diving gear :stuck_out_tongue:

I spend most of the day in bed. Didn’t even realise it had been raining.:slight_smile: