Westminster SMS Parking

I have the bike and car on my Westminster SMS parking profile… had to park the bike in Victoria, £1.70 for 40 minutes, bastards! I called them and the system selected the bike as the location code was a bike bay… seemed sensible.

About a week later I parked the car in a car bay (strange that) and used SMS… What I didn’t notice on the confirmation SMS was that it actually parked the Bike in the bay. **Apparently, it defaults to the last vehicle parked! ** Thankfully I didn’t get a ticket, although I suspect that this has more to do with it being 1810 and all the rats had scuttled off back to the Westminster rat cage. Smart huh, so if it had been the other way around would it have parked the car in the bike bay???

So I contacted them via email and they’ve been less than helpful, arrogant really…

Basically you need to add the VRM to the SMS to ensure that you part the right vehicle…


There seems to be no mention of this on the website.

Another reason i’m glad i don’t have to park in the city. Will they ever get anything right? If only they made things simple then people would use them more and not spend hours worrying about getting a ticket and paying extra…oh i see what they are doing, make it as difficult as possible then they get more revenue…got it. See its not all about making money is it:w00t:

When I read this I nearly choked on my tea:


I though cheeky blinkers!

One question I have, if I pay for parking via txt for one parking bay all day, does it also cover parking if I move to another bay?


Yes in the same borough - park up in Devonshire Street in Westminster then move over to bike bay in Harley Street on the same day and you are covered…move it across the road into Camden and you’re a muppet cos it’s free there :smiley: Qx