Westminster looking out for bikers

Found this on my bike while I was parked in a solo motorcycle bay in westminster area. I suppose that’s where the money they charge me for parking my bike goes. :doze: Ironically, it’s completely dark in the stretch of road where the bay is located due to faulty street lighting, which I reported about a month ago and never received a reply since.

Interesting, i have seen they are also starting to ground anchors in some bays…… about time really but I’m not going to complain as its a step in the right direction.

can’t find the source now, but about 6 bikes were stolen in Westminster St.James square in last couple weeks. Hence all these papers printed and ground anchors being fitted.

edit: found it! It was on Motorcycle Stolen group on FB. Here is direct link to the post https://www.facebook.com/paivi.tenhunen?hc_location=timeline

Apparently thieves are using officially looking van or trailer, so beware.