Westminster Bridge Roundabout

Guys and Girls, with the continuing works building the new hotel in the middle of this roundabout - the heavy lorries etc are tearing the road to shreds. Another monster pothole seen the other night (and reported) by myself to local Plod who informed the council … most of these appear at the entrance / exit to the works which are on the J/W Lambeth Palace Rd and on the other side by York Rd.

Be careful round there.

well done

another pothole taken care of!

I report damage on that roundabout all the time. Personally I have a serious issue with that junction being constricted and made so dangerous and so congested for so many years just so a property developer can get richer than he already is. Every time I dodge some sh1t dropped by a lorry or slide on some slime left by a truck leaving the site, every time I get dust from the demolition blown in my eyes and every time I sit in the jammed up junction at Lambeth North because traffic is tailed back from Westminster Bridge Roundabout I am just so glad that one day someone will own a stupidly expensive central London apartment that has been inconveniencing me and thousands of other Londoners for so many years. That building has lead to lane restrictions since early 2005 - so if it delays me by five minutes each way on my commute, and I commute about 200 times a year, that construction project has cost me three and a half days of my life!