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Westminster Bridge Road Bus Lane PCN


I recently started biking and biking to work, and had been using the Bus lanes in both directions wrongly on this road. I’d been doing so for about 20 days before my first PCN had arrived. Then the second, and the third. There xould potentially be 40. Obviously, since I received the first I’ve stopped using them now(!)

I must have looked and for some reason assumed the lanes were OK, and didn’t think to look again.

Now, the only way I’m gonna get out of potentially £2600 in fines is if the bus lanes are unenforceable.

So, I went down to WBRoad and checked it out. I fully admit that I was in these lanes. I rode the length of them on multiple occasions in both directions.

Case 1:
Going towards the bridge, there is scaffolding that has moved diagram 959 so its not visible to oncoming traffic:

Also, the lane isn’t 4 metres wide, it doesn’t have a 1:10 taper, and there isn’t a sign 30 metres before the lane begins.
I wasn’t impeding any bus.

Do I have a case?

Case 2:
Going away from the bridge:
I travel this way at around 6:30/7pm. There are usually a few buses. The first sign (diagram 958) is just before a bus stop, where buses stop. I’m arguing there’s a visibility issue.

Next, the 959 isnt visible to oncoming traffic, due to scaffolding and the sign being moved…

Its been moved by the scaffolding:

I also dont think that the lane is 4 metres wide.

Do i have a case? Someone say yesssssssss


Cheers fellas,

Google or search pep …for Westminster bridge road bus lane enforcable
Will bring out results that may answer your questions rather than starting a new thread everytime

as you have learnt OBSERVATIONS are one of the most important partsof motorcycling
be thankful its a financial implication not life threatening …eg raised ironworks sign … issue due to not paying attention …
Yes my response is harsh but its never a case of … oh bollox I was wrong …its why should I pay for my mistakes … get out clause please …

Can’t open the drive docs, but assume it is the section of WBR Lambeth have ticketed people for years and years. BTW TFL have just restored the Bus Lane markings where the red route starts under the railway bridge. There are no signs to say bikes can use it, and it appears to be a continuation of the Lambeth bus lane. I have sent TFL an FOI about the status of this bus lane and enforcement and why the bus lane does not appear to comply with their motorcycles in bus lanes policy.

Ive fixed the images.

Sorry for reposting- as you can imagine, there’s potentially a lot to pay, and if the lanes are unenforceable they shouldn’t be being enforced.

My lack of awareness may be one thing, but signs moved so they aren’t visible will hinder anyone’s awareness.



Look under bridge beside walrus for advance sign
sign is in place but moved by scaffolders so in technicality unless this issue has been rsised to tfl they arnt aware of the issue so they are technically not at fault

my honest advice…if in doubt, stay the f*** out :slight_smile:

Certainly the sign being moved so it is not visible to the traffic it applies to suggests that Lambeth should simply not enforce that bus lane until fixed. The bus obscuring the sign is less help to you as it is just the advanced sign. There are two more signs as that bus lane starts. However, it is confusing as the advanced sign is in the red route so you would expect the sign to have a motorcycle on it. The other bus lane signs are also likely to be obscured by buses though.

Whether any of us think you have a hope in hell of getting out of these fines or not, put your argument(s) to the council. What have you got to lose? It’s not as though it will increase that impressively huge fine of yours if you don’t win your case, is it?

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Yeah…except for if I lose, I’ll owe close to £5k.

Anyway, Ill put my case together and let you know the outcome.

If I win Ill get caught once more so I can punch the air for the photograph. And then appeal it.

Exactly my thoughts! I always assume you can’t use them UNLESS you see a sign allowing you to. All boroughs are different so never take it for granted even from one junction to another as you could be entering a different council.

Make sure you use TimR advise and check Pepipoo forums. You’ll find examples of similar cases in there. Or best is to create your own thread over there.

Seriously, don’t try to reply yourself, they will just send you a standard reply. All they care about is money!

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