westie wins again!

For those of you that remember my parking ticket syndrome, this morning i had a letter from Wesminister cancelling all my tickets!!! im so chuffed, i can finally look forward to the rest of the year now that i dont have this hanging over me!

YAY !!! You are full of good news lately

You might remind people that these arose after the sale of your bike? Before everyone thinks there’s some fantastic loophole.

But well done!


thats why i said for those of you that remember my ticket syndrome.

nice one mate, beers on you next time…!!

Great news mate.

Is that all you have to say John? Go on… give him a squeeze

I will on Friday.

Like the dirty old dog you are

yes he is a dirty ol dog! hehe

Yes Westie you like me on all fours.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my congratulation to Westie and all those involved.

I better double the money for this Xenon unit then if your quids in

No body wants to see that

who said i was quids in?! bugger off!