Westie`s Birthday Meal Booked for MAY 17TH

Righto guys, thanks for your replys, i can confirm that i have booked the fabulous venue of The Boulevard Dining rooms in Old compton Street Soho for us on 17th May at 8.30pm. :w00t:I have confirmed that there will be 20 of us for Dinner, Please can those last few who havent confirmed pm me within the next 24 hours as i have to give a final number to the booking staff.

The reason for the later time of 8.30pm is for the special offers, we get 2 courses for the price of £15 per person, and also some free champagne.:stuck_out_tongue:

There are NO SET MENU`S

It is entirely up to you on the night to order what you wish.

Prices for mains start at £7.95, i can vouch for the food as we came here for Debz birthday last year.:slight_smile:

Please feel free to wear what you want, its no dress up affair unless you want to!!:wink:

Here is the website for the Resturant:www.boulevardsoho.com

Its very accessable for all to get to being right in the heart of soho, tubes close by at Charring Cross and Oxford Street.

Any questions please ask!, I look forward to seeing you there!!!:w00t:

The what? :w00t::P:D

#I dont know what you mean…:D:P

That’s better :smiley: I like that place :cool:

Looking foward to it mate.

Nice one will see you there :wink:

If possible, I might try to bring along MrsSV, will try to get a baby sitter for MiniSV.

Where to after dinner then? Are we all going disco ducking?

For those who may not remember what Westie looks like :smiley:

just no farting by the table, please, westie :w00t:

Sorry lol, finally found the correct thread and I now know where im going :smiley: