West London Pubs

How do, coming down for the weekend to watch Maiden @ Twickenham, staying near Heathrow & was wondering about any biker friendly pubs round Richmond,Twickenham, K-U-T area? - (bikes will be tucked up - parking not an issue) - googled one called Popes Grotto in Twickenham?


I know that JimC and the MAG lot visit that pub, but to be honest there isn’t a pub that is solely for bikers anywhere around this area. There is a good rugby pub ingeniously called the rugby tavern in Twickenham. Poppins is only up the road in Sheen and that will be open late this Friday.

All I can suggest is either Box Hill or the Ace cafe :slight_smile:

Ta, the Electric ballroom in Camden sounds fun on a friday but getting back in the wee hours to Heathrow may not be quites so fun :crazy:
so we’ll settle for a few beers & a ruby a bit closer I suspect

In that case I can’t recommend Twickenham Tandoori enough. When we go there the guys look after our bikes when we park outside. Oh and the usual banter of who’s bike is the best/fastest etc etc.

Sounds good :wink: within walking distance of bars?

Can’t give you any info on pubs. But I hope the gigs great, 'cos I’ll be there too

I assume you’re not coming on your bike (I am), but if you are go to the North car park at the ground. Bike parking’s free.

Just hope the weather holds, not looking great at the mo

Depends what your walking distance is. :wink:

the pit is a rock club / pub in hounslow ,
thyre offering £3 entry for anyone with maiden tickets that night instead of £5

now were talking :smiley:

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes :stuck_out_tongue: